Friday, 24 September 2010

Sign posts are interesting things. They take many forms and go from useful to
misinformation. For me the most useless sign post is one the tells you
information that you have no wish to learn. The person who put up the sign
thought that it would useful to those who look at it to be told that you
are 5629 miles from some small town in the other hemisphere.
But if you have no idea where that is, know nothing about it,
and have never been there, and never will, what use is it?

At this stage of development I feel rather like that about this fledgling community.
I have some ideas which to me seem cool. But I may be completely wrong! It
is so easy to get funny little ideas that are bouncing off the wall and get depressed
that no one what to know. Perhaps the sign maker needs a sign from others to
help understand where folk want to go to.

So. It is rather over to you. What do you think that you need to preserve about
your pilgrimage. When we have gather a few ideas, then we can go forward.
Until then I am not going to take you to a place which you have no
desire to visit.
Ian Holdsworth.
Pilgrim Anam Cara.

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